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Cordless Vacuum FAQs & Manual

Click on the Vacuum image to download the Manual:



  1. On/Off Button
  2. Speed Control Button
  3. Battery Indicator
  4. Main Body Release Button
  5. Electric tube
  6. Brush Release Button
  7. Power Brush
  8. Battery Unit Release Button
  9. Dust Tank
  10. Dust Release Button
  11. Motor Unit
  12. 2 in 1 Tool (Crevice Nozzle & Dusting Nozzle)
  13. Adaptor
  14. Charging Base
  15. Charging Base Tube
  16. Charging Base support

A) Assembling the dust cup unit.

  1. Put the filters into the dust cup and twist the cone and match the cone's pins into the grooves inside the dust cup.
  2. Insert the filter into the cone.

B) Assembling the dust tank with the motor unit.

  1. Push the dust cup and rotate it till a "click" sound is heard.

C) Assembling the main unit with the battery unit.

  1. Press the battery unit onto the main unit until a "click" sound is heard.

D) Assembling the power brush, tube and main body.

  1. Insert the upper end of the power brush into the lower end of the tube until a "click" sound is heard.
  2. Insert the upper end of the tube into the lower end of the battery unit until a "click" sound is heard.

E) Assembling the accessories.

  1. To assemble directly into the main unit, just insert it into main unit hole and ensure it's inserted firmly.
  2. To assemble to the tube, insert the round end of either 2 in 1 crevice tool or furniture tool into the lower end of tube until a "click" sound heard.

  1. Before charging, ensure the adaptor is the right one.
  2. Put the charging base near a wall socket.
  3. Plug in the socket and switch it on.
  4. Put the main unit on the charging base
  5. When charging, one LED light will be illuminate.
  6. When fully charged, three LED lights will illuminate.

  1. On & Off.

  2. Press the on/off button and speed control button to start the vacuum cleaner. Press the button again to adjust the vacuum cleaner work to at high/low speed.

  3. 2 in 1 Crevice Tool

  4. a) Insert the 2 in 1 crevice tool into main unit, then push the dusting head back. This tool can clean sofa gaps, wall corners, stairs, keyboard and other narrow places.

    b) Insert the 2 in 1 crevice tool into main unit, and then push the dusting head back till it is locked. This tool can clean furnitures, home appliances and bookshelf.

    c) Insert the 2 in 1 crevice tool into the tube, then push the dusting head back till it is locked. Insert the other end of the tube into the main unit. This method allows you to vacuum high places. and bookshelf.

  5. Main Motorized Brush
  6. Connect the brush with tube, then use the motorized brush to clean.

A) Emptying the dust cup.

  1. Press the motor unit release button to divide motor unit from battery unit.
  2. Release button to empty the dust from the tank.

B) Cleaning the dust cup.

  1. Press the button to the release dust tank, take out the dust cup.
  2. Disassemble the dust cup, take out the HEPA filter and the plastic filter from dust cup.
  3. Both HEPA and filers can be washed. After cleaning, dry them.

C) Cleaning the main brush.

  1. Pull out the cover on brush bottom, towards the left side, lift the brush roller cover
  2. Take the roller and clean it without water.

Read all the instructions carefully before using the vacuum cleaner.

  • This vacuum cleaner can only be used on dry surfaces. Water, liquid and other wet objects are not to be sucked into the product. Do not use on water or liquid spills. If that happens, it will increase the risk of electric shock.

  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner to suck powders such as flour, cement or other big objects. It may be cause the motor to malfunction or be blcoked.

  • Please use dry cloth to clean the vacuum cleaner. Do not use any gas or liquid that may crack the surface or decolorize it.

  • Please do not use or store the vacuum cleaner under high or extreme low temperatures. Store the product under cool and dry environment. Avoid long exposure to sunshine on the product.

  • Please fully recharge the battery, before using for the first time or after a long time of storage. If the product is not used for a long time, please make sure the battery is fully recharged and used every three months at least.

  • When the vacuum cleaner is fully recharged, please unplug the adaptor. Do not pull the power cord directly.

  • Do not dispose the battery unit and it should be safely recycled.

  • Battery unit can only be used for this vacuum cleaner, please do not use it for other purposes, and it can only be charge with the adaptor that comes with the vacuum cleaner in the package. Do not disassemble the battery unit to avoid damaging or short circuit. Do not place the battery unit close to high temperature objects or fire and do not insert sharp objects into the battery unit or break the battery to avoid electric shock.

  • If the vacuum cleaner cannot work or some parts are broken, in order to avoid any dangers, please do not disassemble it on your own, send it to the appointed maintenance or service centre and get it repaired by the professional after sales team.

  • Avoid children from touching or using the vacuum cleaner and charging the battery unit.