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Cleaning made so effortless that you don't even break a sweat! Keeping you and your house clean.
Suck more with less energy!

The new brushless motor technology provides powerful suction power, using less energy than conventional brushed motors.

No more sore arms!

Many cordless stick vacuum cleaners in the market require you to constantly hold down the button while vacuuming. We find that having your finger holding down on a button while vacuuming tight corners and holding on while vacuuming your ENTIRE HOUSE will likely cause pain to your finger. On top of that your arm has to support the weight of the motor that is above your hand. That results in sore arms.

The good news is Enhans cares for your well-being. The Enhans Cordless Vacuum start and stay on with a click of a button. The handle is also at the tip of the vacuum so you only have to lift the vacuum up.

Go anywhere!

The brush head rotates up to 180°, letting you manoeuvre the vacuum around furniture and into narrow areas with just a turn of your wrists.

With a lightweight aluminium tube, you don't have to worry about tiring your hand and wrists!

Suck more with more visibility

The LED lights illuminate your path so no dust remains hidden or unseen.

3 stages of filtration

Metal mesh filter - Fine filtration to filter out all the visible dust, preventing it from entering and damaging the motor

HEPA filter - Fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke

Sponge filter - Final layer of filter in the motor that prevents the dust from escaping the vacuum.

Washable dust cup & filters!

The removable dust cup allows you to easily wash away dust clogs so your vacuum can perform at its best.

Mess-free empty with just a click!

Just hold the vacuum over a trashbin, click, and let gravity do its work. You don't have to touch the yuck!

Customised cleaning at your fingertips!

Fingertip control of the suction power allows you to seamlessly switch between vacuuming hard floors, carpets and other surfaces.

No screwing around!

A portable charging dock that doesn't leave you with permanent drill holes in your walls.

Double the run time!

Just remove the flat battery and pop in another one to double your cleaning time and cover more area.

A tool for every mess!

A single brush head that allows you to easily switch between different floor types as you deep clean. With just 2 more accessories, you have all you need for all your mess!

The Complete Package!

The complete package to get you equipped for any mess!

What's in the box?
Enhans cordless vacuum x1
V-type brush x1
Mattress brush x1
Crevice nozzle x1
Charging dock x1
Aluminum extender tube x1

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Enhans Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Li-ion Battery Pack EVC-C001



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