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The versatile air fryer and oven that elevates practically any meal, from air frying quick snacks to roasting or bake for large parties.
Our Enhans Air Fryer Oven is built for the cook who desires a compact countertop oven that allows cooking of single or family sized meals while accurately controlling how fast and how crispy you want your dishes to be.


12 one-touch digital functionality!
With the Enhans Air Fryer Oven, we can be our own masterchefs in our home! It gives you a fast and easy way of elevating your meals, using little to no oil, with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. It's a 12 in 1 super value deal, so what are you waiting for? HURRY and place your order now!
Spacious Interior.

With a large interior, there is always extra room for multiple dishes. Cook with ease up to a party of 8 people.

Digital Controls.

Whether it is homemade fresh or frozen fries, whole chicken, fish or cakes, with just one touch, the Enhans Air Fryer Oven will do the cooking for you.

Knob Selector.

The combination of buttons and knob allows you to have precise and accurate temperature and timer settings, which will be on the digital display. The sensitivity of the knob and button remains overtime to lessen your trouble in the long term.

Auto Lock

Your oven is fitted with a function which enables the control panel of oven to be "locked" so that it cannot be operated accidentally.

Sleek Exterior.

Made with premium stainless steel, the exterior of your oven has a sleek and long-lasting stylish look that modernises your kitchen and is prevented from discolouration.

Added Safety.

The Enhans Air Fryer Oven has a double glass door which doubles the safety in the rare cases that the inner glass door breaks from high temperatures. The second glass layer shields the front of the oven from broken glass shards, which would be caught by the catcher tray for a safer cleanup.

Auto Heat-Off.

The oven will automatically switch off the heat once the oven door is opened, to ensure safety and avoid any accidents.

Heat Retention.

Enhans Air Fryer Oven has removable gaskets along its door frame. These gaskets are great for heat retention and insulation, leading to increased energy efficiency and faster cooking. They can also be removed for additional cleaning.

Lock positions.

25° - The hot air is directed upwards by the oven door, making the front of the oven safe and preventing bursts of hot air towards your face. 45° - Allows you to flip and turn the food in the middle of cooking without having to hold the oven door open. 90° is for when your cooked goodies are done!

Easy Cleaning.

The crumb catcher tray at the bottom of the Air Fryer Oven makes the cleanup of grease and fallen crumbs much easier. Forget the hassle of reaching into an oven to clean up the burnt grease and crumbs collected at the bottom. The crumb catcher tray can be pulled out from the oven and washed in the sink.

Grease Free Walls.

A cleaner wall is ensured overtime as the air diverter at the back of the oven diverts the lampblack upwards together with the grease instead of blowing directly to the wall resulting in a yellowish stain overtime.

Sneak Peak.

Wanna show your friends the masterpiece on the Gram? Just a single click to turn on the light button and you can take a shot meanwhile checking the progress of your food without having to open the oven.

Safe Cooking Environment.

Don’t have to worry about any accidents due to the slippery feet with our air fryer oven which has anti-slip feet, guaranteeing a safer cooking environment.


Complete with five accessories to compliment your cooking. The air fryer oven presented by Enhans provide you a modern and stylish lifestyle which not only save your cost and space while pursuing your passion.

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