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Versatile : Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat!
The Enhans Digital Air Fryer makes cooking faster and hassle free for you.
Our belief: “We Should Always Make a Great Pot”.
With the one click touch screen, just select and enjoy every bite!
It comes with preset cooking features, giving you different taste every day.
Cook to Impress

Cook for convenience or to impress without ever having to turn on the range. Designed with a noble black glass panel digital touch screen.

Easy Clean, Hassle Free

The stainless-steel interior and remove-able, non-stick drip pan makes for easy clean-up. The frying cover is made of non-stick material and is fully detachable, making cleaning a breeze.

Compact Design.

Takes up minimal space on your kitchen top. Without any clutter, enjoy low fat, low calorie, high nutritious food with simple operations.

Multi-Range Temperature.

Easily adjust the time and temperature for effortless perfect results. You get to enjoy healthier fried food, crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside. Easy click, with different taste everyday.

Safe & Healthy.

The anti-scald handle powers off when picked up, making it easy to perform turnover, feeding inspection and other cooking operations during cooking, and continues to work after reset.

8 Automatic Presets.

With two simple clicks, enjoy perfect results by choosing one of eight preset functions. Let our Enhans Digital Air Fryer do the thinking and cooking for you. Eight functions include fries, bacon, chicken, shrimp, steak, bake, vegetables and fish.

Cooling System.

Packed with safety features like the advanced cooling system with large air vents. No more oil fumes and no more oily kitchen.


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